A slice of heaven on earth

  • Overview

    It’s the closest you could come to heaven, without giving up on earthly pleasures. Take advantage of the glorious beauty of Nature and enjoy various outdoor recreational activities with your family and friends.

  • Inviting and quaint is 'The Lounge' - our cozy nook with European-style cafe tables where you can meet fellow travellers, interesting personalities, musicians and artists - both young and old. Want to play darts? Challenge the youngsters. Wish to read? Grab a book. A perfect place to unwind after the day's activities. You are also cordially invited to partake of some tea, coffee and our specially made cookies and cake here from 5 to 7 PM!

  • Perfect remedy for getting rid of your tense muscles and stress in today's fast-paced world would be a relaxing time at our two well-appointed Massage Rooms at Ekant Spa. Revitalize and refresh yourself after a hard day's work. Invigorating holistic experience which will be good for your body, mind and soul!

  • In an attempt to encourage organic living, we have set up a vegetable garden along with a mini dairy farm. Explore the organic gardens where we provide you with the freshest produce possible.

  • Get on the bicycle and explore picturesque lakes, meadows, lawns and green landscapes that Karma Chalets has to offer.

  • Take a break from your city life and get your hands dirty. Experience the basics of life - such as milking cows.

  • Our Bee Farming initiative strengthens the health of agriculture and plant life in a wide radius around the property. Our bees produce natural organic honey, which is healthier and is filled with nutrients that increase your immunity.

  • Breathe in Nature’s fresh air, feel rejuvenated and also keep a look out for antelopes & birds as you walk around the forested resort.

  • Karma Chalets is a bird watcher’s paradise – among the birds sighted here are lapwing, crow, pheasant, shikra, owl, pied wagtail, jungle babbler, kingfisher, blue jay, lesser cormorant, mynah, green pigeon, partridge, koel & hoopoe.

  • An area has been specially designated for the kids where they can involve in physical activities. Enjoy our new fitness playground that will keep the kids happy and healthy. The outdoor playground includes a Tree House for the children’s pleasure.

  • Enjoy a more modern version of the traditional Indian mode of transportation and experience a way of life different from yours.

  • This boutique resort makes the idyllic base for stargazing in the evenings from the sprawling lawns. Appropriate equipment is provided by us to help you get a glimpse of the cosmic wonders.

  • The Karma Day Care Centre is run by Sanskriti Sourabh Education Society - an NGO that provides free education, clothing and meals to children of construction workers and staff on the 280 acre facility.