Under the Neem

Under The Neem

cafe | kraft kitchen


At 'Under the Neem', we welcome you to experience culinary emotions in surroundings as serene as nature's lap. Kraft Kitchen implies that the food is prepared fresh with real ingredients carefully combined into intuitive creations expressing our interpretation of a dish.

The Neem or Indian Lilac is almost omnipresent and an important part of our daily lives. The Tree is a giver of life, a blessing in itself. Right from its leaves, flowers, twigs, bark, oils and resin, each part has its distinct use. Finding a grand old one next to the Chalets, we decided to flourish under its benign shade, presence and benevolence - and hence the name 'Under the Neem'!

India being an ancient culture, food has always been given great importance. We see the relevance and importance of raw food, tradition and their expressions here at 'Under the Neem' - cafe | kraft kitchen. Each dish has been specially curated and designed to give you that experience of fresh, wholesome and nutritious food that is 'made to order'.

The dishes have been designed to evolve and feature seasonal, naturally grown and locally sourced ingredients. All our beverages are natural and home-made, which implies that there is no use of additives or bottled syrups. The concept primarily is - straight from the farm to the plate!

We are certain that you would take home a bit of the 'Under the Neem' experience and lifestyle with you. Why not come and taste for yourself, we ask?


Open Daily: 12 Noon Onwards

Closed Tuesdays