Home away from home

  • Overview

    It’s the closest you could come to heaven - without giving up on earthly pleasures. Take advantage of the glorious beauty of nature and enjoy various outdoor recreational activities with your family and friends.

  • NIMOLI - the fruit of the Neem - is our inspiration for our wellness spa. A relaxing time at the spa would be a perfect remedy for getting rid of your tense muscles and stress in today's fast-paced world. Relax, rejuvenate and rejoice while we take care of the rest!

  • In an attempt to encourage organic living, we have set up a vegetable garden along with a mini dairy farm. Explore the organic gardens where we provide you with the freshest produce possible.

  • Get on the bicycle and explore meadows, lawns and green landscapes around the 4.5 kilometer cycling track that takes you around Karma Lakelands. Bicycles can be hired on a chargeable basis.

  • Breathe in nature’s fresh air, feel rejuvenated and also keep a look-out for antelopes, porcupines & birds as you walk around the forested resort.

  • The resort is a bird watcher’s paradise. With several small lakes dotting the golf course, migratory and water borne birds have made this 300 acres their home. A keen bird watcher from the UK identified around 70 species.

  • A seperate area has been designated for children to play in. Trampoline and swings make for good physical activity. A Tree House adds to the flavour of choice for them.

  • The Karma Day Care Centre is run by Sanskriti Sourabh Educational Society - an NGO that provides free education, clothing and meals to children of construction workers and staff. We welcome you to visit and interact with the children.

  • For a memorable and unique farm to table dining table, we have curated exclusive locations for a personalised dining experience. Would you like to have 'khet mein khana' or a meal at our most private 'terrace for two'?

  • A specially curated menu using ingredients from our vegetable garden collected by you personally. We put together a wholesome experience of Indian or Continental cooking - just gather a group of four!