Karma Chalets


“Revive your senses as you explore the verdant environs and undulating greens of Karma Lakelands. The 235-acre Golf Resort, where nature and recreation come together, offers a truly immersive experience for the nature explorer in you. Born in nature’s lap, the entire campus is dotted with trees, water bodies, meadows and lawns. So, will you be exploring all that await’s you on a cycle or by foot?”

Bird Watching

"Karma Lakelands is a bird watcher's paradise. One can spot numerous species of birds here including the Yellow Footed Green Pigeon, Indian Golden Oriole, Blue Jay and Lesser Cormorant, whereas waking up to the call of peacocks is a morning ritual!"

Nature Trail

"Inhale the crisp and invigorating air of nature as you traverse through the idyllic setting of Karma Lakelands. Remain observant, for you may chance upon a graceful Nilgai or come across a Porcupine, Hedhehog or even an Indian Fox making it's way home."

Karma Experience Tour

Embark on a 30-minute picturesque journey amidst the verdant greens and serene blues. Board the Golf Cart to savor quality time with our cuddly farm animals, gain insights into bio-composting and pause for a pucture at LAKE 360. Aren't you just waiting to take your family on this exciting escapade? Tours can be booked on a chargeable basis


"Discover the serenity of Karma Lakelands by cycling around this 4.5km track that surrounds the 235-acre green oasis. Enjoy the breathtaking views and breathe in the fresh air while immersing yourself in a fulfilling outdoor experience. Cycles can be rented on a chargeable basis."

Farm To Table

"Most of the fresh vegetable produce is lovingly grown at our chemical-free vegetable garden. Situated adjacent to 'Under The Neem', take a leisurely stroll, engage with our chefs and discover the fascinating journey of our produce, from farm to table."

Sow Basic

"Looking for a way to get your children excited about nature and the outdoors? Get their hands dirty, let them experience the thrill of plucking fresh veggies and watch their curiosity and creativity blossom! "